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Electric Vehicle Rebate Program 2023

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EV Purchase Rebate registration form - Stage 1

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Eligibility for rebate

Before proceeding with the registration, please ensure that you meet all eligibility criteria in the Guidelines.

This form is required to register your interest in the rebate. It does not guarantee you will receive the rebate. 

This rebate applies only to battery electric vehicles. A battery electric vehicle has an electric battery that is externally recharged. It has no tailpipe emissions while driving.

There are two stages in the application process. You must apply for Stage 1 to be eligible to apply for Stage 2.

Stage 1 – if you have purchased, or intend to purchase, an eligible vehicle after the start date of this program (17 November 2023) you can apply for Stage 1. If successful, you will be placed on the Register and your rebate held for six months.

Stage 2 - once you have received and registered your vehicle in Tasmania within six months of your Stage 1 application, you can apply for Stage 2 to receive payment of the rebate.

Applicants will be asked to supply documentation to claim the rebate. Information supplied by applicants may be subject to authenticity checks using third party software.

To be eligible for the rebate applicants must:

  • be a Tasmanian resident
  • have purchased, received and registered for use in Tasmania either:
    • a new battery electric vehicle from a licensed motor vehicle dealer
    • a second-hand light passenger electric vehicle that has been imported from overseas or another jurisdiction
  • be the registered owner of the vehicle
  • provide proof of purchase and proof of registration.
  • for eligible second-hand vehicles, provide proof of pre-registration inspection
  • have ordered the vehicle after the start date of this program and received the vehicle within six months from the date of submitting an application for Stage 1 of this program.

The following vehicles are not eligible:

  • electric motorbikes or scooters
  • internal combustion engine (ICE)
  • plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV'S)
  • hybrid vehicles (HEV's)
  • second-hand vehicles that have previously been registered in Tasmania
  • retrofitted battery electric vehicles
  • e-mobility devices
  • vehicles that have received a waiver on stamp duty payable on purchase
  • vehicles that are managed or leased through a Lease or Fleet Management Organisation
  • vehicles that have not been delivered within six months from the time of application for Stage 1
  • grant or subsidy in other Australian states or territories.

The following entities are not eligible to receive a rebate:

  • Licenced Motor Vehicle Dealers
  • government entities
  • fleet management organisations.

The rebates are only available for vehicles purchased for personal use by an individual, and not businesses.

Rebates are limited to one per individual.

Once this registration form is submitted, you will have 6 months to lodge the application for the Electric Vehicle Rebate form. Failure to submit the Electric Vehicle Rebate form will result in the rebate being reallocated.

The Application for Electric Vehicle Rebate form will be available through your SmartyGrants account within 7 days of submission of this registration form.

I understand this form is required to register my interest in the rebate and it does not guarantee I will receive the rebate * Required
I understand that the electric vehicle needs to be purchased, received and registered for use in Tasmania within 6 months of submission of this registration form * Required
This amount will be $2000 if your application is successful. There is no guarantee that your application will be successful.